Weight Management

Our Weight Programme, has been specifically designed for people who have become disillusioned with dieting.

If you are reading this page because you have dieted most of your life, losing weight only to gain it back again, sometimes gaining even more weight – then relax, you are in good company. Most of my weight loss clients tell me that they have been in this yo-yo cycle if not all their lives then for a good proportion of it.

The trouble with diets

The trouble with diets is that they require great determination and will power to succeed.  Especially with all that calorie or point counting watching everything you eat and starving yourself. There’s also quite a lot of sacrificing necessary when you are following a diet.  The ‘don’t eat this or that’ only leads you to failure because no-one likes being deprived of something they really like.  Look what happens when you take a toy from a child – that’s the toy the child wants more than ever. It’s like that with food – if you are told you can’t have something then you’ll want it all the more.

So how does Hypnotherapy work for Weight Loss?

Did you know that we all have two minds? These are the conscious and the subconscious mind. The two minds naturally work together; the conscious mind learns things and then passes this information onto the sub conscious mind. When the subconscious mind has gained sufficient knowledge it accepts the task.

This newly acquired knowledge results in automatic action without any thought or intervention from the conscious mind. For example if you are driving behind a vehicle and their stop lights come on, you don’t have to consciously think “I’ll pick my foot up, put it on the brake pedal and press my foot down”.

It’s just an automatic response from your subconscious mind.

There was a time when our sub conscious mind knew what was good for us but over the years we sometimes get into bad habits – eating a chocolate bar, extra piece of cake or a biscuit, when you don’t really want or need it. Or that extra sandwich that no-one wants or clearing what the children have left on their plate after a meal.

Eventually your sub conscious mind will accept all these things as learned habits and will allow you to continue to do them. The way hypnosis works is to over-write the files – it means that we can change the way our sub conscious mind works by Hypnotherapy – in other words getting rid of the bad habits and replacing them with good habits.

My introduction to Hypnotherapy

A few years ago I was in just that yo-yo diet position.  I think I first went on a diet when I was 14 years old! Until I found Hypnotherapy most of my life I’ve been trying different diets (the egg diet was probably the worst).  Eventually I’d lose some weight through sheer determination and resolve but hating every minute of it. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve started dieting only to fail at the first offer of a meal out or a piece of somebody’s birthday cake.

If I did eventually manage to stay the course and achieve my goal weight – very soon after I started eating ‘normally’ again, the weight would come back and usually more besides. Yo-yo dieting is not only very frustrating but can lead you to feeling anxious and that you are a failure.  It can affect your confidence and to some extent spoil your life if you let it.

After undergoing a course of Hypnotherapy I found that I wasn’t feeling deprived of food at all – I was eating exactly what I wanted when I wanted it. By listening to my subconscious mind I found that I only wanted the things that were right for me, and in the right quantity. It really worked – not only did I lose the weight (3 stone) but it has stayed off ever since!

Introducing our Weight Management Programme

Our Hypnotherapy Weight Management Programme is not a diet – you can eat what you want, when you want. Now if that sounds ridiculous to you lets just say that the emphasis is on the word ‘want’.

Hypnotherapy re-codes the subconscious mind to change the bad eating habits you’ve got into.  This means that you only want the foods that are good for you. Therefore, just by listening to your subconscious mind and making some subtle adjustments to your eating habits you will not only lose weight but it will stay off permanently.

When clients come to see me for weight reduction I always ask them to visualize in their minds eye how they’re going to be when they reach their ideal weight and shape.  This creates an image of you that your subconscious mind will start to work on.

Your subconscious cannot distinguish whether the image is real or something that is yet to happen. Sometimes creating that visual image is difficult, particularly if people have always been struggling with their weight.

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy

Our Weight Management Programme has been very successful for many years now.  But all things progress and I have found that some clients ask about Gastric Band Hypnotherapy.

There has been a lot of publicity about the Gastric Band.  Celebrities such as Fern Britton have made the World more aware of its benefits.

If you are considering having a gastric band fitted or having a gastric bypass surgery there are many things to consider.  These include potential post operative problems and complications following the surgery.

An alternative now available is the Virtual Gastric Band also known as Gastric Band Hypnotherapy through Hypnosis.  This technique implants the idea into the subconscious mind that the surgery has taken place and therefore your stomach has reduced in size.

The benefit of this is that you will have all of the feelings without the risk and discomfort that an Invasive Gastric Band Surgery would bring, and you will still lose weight.

If someone has a lot of weight to use our Weight Management Programme together with Gastric Band Hypnotherapy would definitely be beneficial.

My Invitation to You

Personally I believe that losing weight is all about life style change and getting ‘back in control’.  I’m so pleased with the result I have had personally and the success I have had with clients over the years that I would like to share this success with you. I know how it feels to be battling with your weight.

I would like to give you my commitment to help you to succeed in shedding the weight you want to lose.   If you allow me to help you then we can work together as a team.  Together we can conquer your weight problems forever.

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