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Certificate in Menopause Support


Explores various ways to help clients who feel overwhelmed by their menopausal issues

Date:   7th March 2020  10.30 am until 4.30pm
Discounted Rate for members of the GHR, NCH and BIH:  £150 (Standard Price £170)
Venue: Sutton in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire


We are proud to be supporting the Heath Awareness Campaign for Managing Menopause

Certificate in Menopause Support  – One Day CPD Workshop

Supporting clients with menopausal symptoms

Menopause is so much more than hot flushes and night sweats.  Poorly understood for far too long, the menopause disrupts hormone balance.  Hormones that are misunderstood and underestimated, when not in balance affect how women look, feel, think and behave.  Peri-menopausal and menopausal women often carry on regardless, frequently suffering in silence.

The menopause transition can be a challenging experience, many women simply do not understand what is happening to them.  This is where well-being professionals can play a key supporting role.

The purpose of this one day workshop is to provide well-being professionals with an overview of the physical and psychological symptoms of the menopause.  We will explore various ways in which we can support clients who feel overwhelmed by their menopausal issues.

Subjects covered on the workshop include:

  • What is menopause?
  • When does menopause happen?
  • What are the symptoms of menopause?
  • What are the choices?
  • How can menopause affect women?
  • How can menopause affect work?
  • How can menopause affect relationships?
  • How can well-being professionals help?
  • Menopause and beyond
  • Menopause and self-care

Research has shown that hypnotherapy combined with visualizations can significantly improve a woman’s experience of her menopause.  The Workshop will guide you systematically through a unique Embrace Programme and you will be able to equip your clients to let go of any fear and anxiety.

The day includes information to support clients with diet, nutrition and well-being lifestyle information.  Scripts and intake forms to download and ways to encourage women to adapt to the changes naturally, efficiently and comfortably.  to say “Yes, I am going to embrace my amazing life.”

The fact is menopause does happen to every woman.  Clients can waste a lot of time in the mindset of “feeling sorry for myself because I’m menopausal”.

The aim of this workshop is to share how to focus energy on how to feel good again.  To think of the menopause as a halfway point and all of the changes, not just the physical ones, will help shape the next 50 years of your clients life.

About Your Tutor:
Kim Thomas  is a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist. She has qualifications in Human Services, Counselling, Hypnotherapy, EFT, pain management, parts therapy, and mindfulness. She runs a private practice in the East Midlands. She also runs community based “TAGS” Think and Get slim group sessions working with people who struggle to get accesses to any other support with being overweight.

The cost of the workshop includes handouts and outline scripts, safe car parking, buffet lunch and refreshments throughout the day, certificate of attendance plus ongoing support by phone or e-mail.


A very informative day which exceeded expectation JH

Thank you I found this so interesting and helpful.  I enjoyed the relaxed, calm presentation.EL

I really enjoyed the course.  It was well presented, very informative and I like very much the practical elements to use with clients straight away.  Thank you it was a great day SL

Very interesting and informative CS

Very practical ideas and a great lunch – thank you.  NJ

A very informative day with masses of useful handouts  JS

I very much enjoyed the day it was very informational  NF

Fantastic informative, fun and educational  JW

Loved it – a great course, really useful information.  It will enhance my practice – thank you  HC