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Pain is something we have all experienced at some time in our life, and although few people actually welcome it, it cannot be denied that it has an essential role to play in our survival

Unless we have pain, we simply wouldn't be aware that there is a problem somewhere in our body and that we need to do something - fast.

When pain is experienced it is essential to get a proper medical evaluation of the situation from a qualified doctor or other medical practitioner so the correct course of treatment can be given.

But what if you have already been to the doctor?  What if there seems to be nothing else anyone can do but the pain still exists?

Unfortunately millions of people face this problem on a regular basis, and living with pain seriously affects the quality of life of anyone who is forced to endure it.

Generally speaking, pain can be divided into two distinct types: acute pain and chronic pain.

When acute pain is experienced it lets us know what needs attention.  A signal is sent from the affected area to the brain, so that we take action.

Chronic pain is generally ongoing and can be relentless.  When we suffer from chronic pain we have received and understood pain's message yet still it persists. Sufferers just seem to be stuck with it.  This type of pain is not necessary for our survival and basically serves no useful purpose.

When pain outlives its usefulness it needs to be silenced, but rarely do we look to ourselves in an attempt to control our chronic pain.  Because we are so used to looking to other people or medicine for help with our pain we have learned a mind set of helplessness.  Itís as though we have been conditioned to accept that someone or something external is responsible for making the pain go away.

And yet real pain relief and effective pain control can be found within yourself and your own mind.

To understand that we have the resources within our self to control pain is a major step forward in releasing its truly debilitating grip on our life.

 By using hypnotherapy, self hypnosis, EFT, NLP and HCBT we can instruct our own mind to dramatically reduce - and in many cases totally eliminate - any pain we may be experiencing.

If you or someone you care about are suffering from chronic pain help is at hand at our Therapy Practice.  We have enormous experience of helping clients and will teach you how to control even long-standing pain by using the power of your own mind.  Our treatments will help you to regain control in your life without medication or apparatus.

Telephone us today for more information:  01623 556234.


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