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We are currently running a series of Workshops for either experienced or newly qualified Hypnotherapists.   See our Training Workshop page for dates.

Weight Management Programme

Our 5 week Weight Management Programme has been successfully running for many years helping people to achieve their desired weight, deal with food cravings,  stop emotional eating, and then maintain their desired weight - this programme is proved tried and tested!

You will leave the Workshop with:

  • The complete Weight Management Package including all scripts, forms, information packs, help with marketing and producing CDís.  In fact  everything you need to help you get started immediately.

Stress Management Programme

Our Practice has developed over a number of years a successful, proved tried and tested Stress and Anxiety Programme and our one day Workshop will teach you all you need to know about treating your clients for stress, anxiety and panic attacks.

You will learn how to:

  • Check and monitor your clients anxiety levels with our unique monitoring system

  • Uniquely blend a mixture of Hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT and Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy.

  • Your Anxiety Management Package includes all scripts, forms, information packs, help with marketing and producing CDís. In fact everything you need to help you get started immediately.

Pain Management Programme

This One Day Workshop is for qualified Hypnotherapists who would like a greater understanding of how to help their clients towards the management of pain.  Our Pain Management treatments are proved tried and tested and have been helping clients for years to manage their pain and discomfort through the power of their own resources. 

 On the Workshop you will learn to: 

  •          Understand the different types of pain

  •          Understand the causes of pain

  •          Understand the pain gate theory

  •          Use different treatments to help your clients with Pain Management 

  •          Dealing with phantom limb pain

  •          Dealing with cancer patients

  •          Stroke rehabilitation


Making CD's for your Clients Workshop

Giving your client a CD to listen to at home is tremendously beneficial.  It helps to consolidate the suggestions made in the therapy room and keeps them focused on the treatments.  It also gives them some 'me' time and is something they can use at any time in the comfort of their own home. 

This one day Workshop simplifies the process by giving you a step by step guide to creating and recording your own CD's using your own computer.   During the Workshop you will learn:

  •  How to organize your sound files
  •  How to make templates
  •  Understand copyright free music
  •  Understanding binaural beats & subliminal messages
  •  How to make a CD recording and print directly on to your CD's
  •  How to edit your recording
  •  How to add special effects to your recording
  •  Choosing recording software, microphones etc.

* * * * *

The cost of each of these Workshops is £125 which includes safe car parking, lunch and refreshments throughout the day, certificate of attendance and ongoing support by phone or e-mail.

Places are strictly limited so phone now to reserve your place:

01623 556234 or clem@clemturner.co.uk

The Clem Turner Hypnotherapy Cognitive and Behavioural Practice

 Sutton in Ashfield, NG17 1BG       www.clemturner.co.uk

Stress and Anxiety in the Workplace
  • 1 in 5 people suffer from workplace stress, with half a million people reporting they have become ill as a result.
  • This is costing society over £3.7 billion per year.
  • 90% of doctorsí visits are for stress related illness.
  • 75% of our clients visit us for help with stress related issues

    Life Solutions Consultancy Limited is a company dedicated to helping everyone from Employees to Board Directors discover effective, lasting answers to workplace stress - a problem that costs organizations with 500 employees around 250 working days a year. How many days are lost in your company?


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