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Clem Turner
Taking part in any form of therapy can be a bit daunting; even if you are confident it is going to do you good. Your mind can be full of questions and doubts. Here are just a few of the questions we have been asked in the past but if you need to ask us any further questions please e-mail:  info@clemturner.co.uk

How do I choose a good Hypnotherapist? 
Make sure you choose a Hypnotherapist with sufficient experience and qualifications to be accepted on the General Hypnotherapy Register or any other professional Hypnotherapy Organisation. 

Can you solve all my problems? 
No, we cannot solve all your problems, but we can listen to you and work with you in the issues that you face. We will always tailor our treatments to suit each individual client. We will always encourage you to use the new skills you will develop to face the challenges of the modern world. 

If you put me in a trance will you have power over me? 
No – not at all, you will always remain in complete control and may come out of the trance anytime you wish to. Contrary to popular belief, you will not be asleep or ‘put out’ at any time. Trance is basically a form of deep relaxation, you will be aware of everything that is said at all times. 

What about confidentiality? 
Our clients are always treated in the strictest confidence. All records are kept in complete safety and your case will not be discussed with a third party unless it is necessary for consultation with your doctor or psychiatrist. 

How many consultations will I need? 
Each case is different but we will determine together how many sessions you will need when we have our first consultation. 

What if I am taking medication or seeing a psychiatrist? 
Usually it is quite safe to undertake Hypnosis when you are on medication but if you are in any doubt you must contact your doctor. If you are seeing a psychiatrist when you approach us for Hypnotherapy we will always ask you if we can contact them in order to make sure that any treatment we may give you will not contradict the type of treatment they are giving you. 
Hypnotherapy is not an alternative to medical care. 

Does it work? 
Yes it does but as with all therapies, medication etc, it does not ‘cure everything’. It is not a magical pill. It is however one of the most effective methods of dealing with many issues, and it has the ability to positively assist or improve an impressive range of complaints.

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